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AWS Training Course in Hyderabad

The growth of companies and their operational activities have increased cloud activities. So the companies are mainly focusing on cloud migration. Major companies are moving to the cloud as it eliminates redundant tasks such as re-entry of data, improving the efficiency level, staff productivity, and reducing operational costs.

Top Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Unilever, Adobe have moved to the cloud and achieved great success with AWS cloud services. This complete AWS Training in Hyderabad helps to step into the world of opportunities.

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    What is the scope of Amazon Web Services in India?

    Every day organizations grow and launch different projects. With ever-increasing projects and workload, they need more storage and cloud capacity. AWS helps to minimize these storage costs and abilities.

    Through AWS, they can decrease the costs and increase the workforce, build different ways, implement ideas, and ease the management.

    Companies direly need cloud architects, engineers who can set up, maintain, and evolve the cloud infrastructure of web applications. The advanced training will help an individual learn concepts like IAM creation, Amazon Storage Services S3, Route 53, AWS EC2, and AWS S3.

    Scope of Amazon Web Services

    Why 'Technology for All' for AWS Course Training?

    AWS Course Training in Hyderabad is best for students as here we provide comprehensive training for students. In this, we introduce the basics to advance concepts of deploying highly scalable applications on the AWS platform. Along with the training in AWS, we do also provide placements and career assistance for the students. This AWS course is entirely derived from, which is under the cloud computing platform.

    Who can learn this AWS Training Course in Hyderabad?

    This AWS Course Training in Hyderabad is the best suitable for

    • The cloud architects and enthusiast who wants to advance the knowledge
    • Ideal for the recently graduated individuals who wish to begin their career
    • Any working professional who wants to transform the career
    • Ideal for Solution Designer Engineers, Solution Architects, System Administrators, Software Developers.

    As the best AWS Training Institute in Hyderabad, our mission is to enhance the knowledge of an individual by providing practical knowledge along with theoretical and hands-on experience. Industry experts curate our AWS course with long years of experience. The course content and curriculum are tailor-made and customizable according to individual needs.

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      AWS Course Curriculum


      LINUX Basics:
      Linux File system structure
      Linux commands
      Changing file permissions and ownership
      Types of links soft and hard link
      User Management
      Start and stop services
      Find and kill the process with id and name
      Package installation using RPM and YUM

      Elastic compute cloud Essentials & EC2 Instances

      Elastic compute cloud Essentials

      • Regions and availability zones
      • Amazon Machine Images
      • Pricing Model in EC2 Instances
        • Deciding between on-demand instances, spot instances, reserved instances, scheduled instances& dedicated Hosts.
        • EC2 Reserved Instances Market Place

      EC2 Instances

      • Building EC2 windows & Linux Instances
      • Working with Security Groups
      • Assigning Elastic IP’s
      • Creating your own AMI
      • Placement Groups

      Elastic Block Store (EBS)

      • Creating and deleting Volumes
      • Attaching and detaching volumes and increasing the volume size
      • Mounting and un-mounting the attached volume
      • Creating snapshots
      • Elastic Load Balancer
      • Creating a Load Balancer
      • Internal and External Load Balancer
      • Security groups for the Load Balancer
      • Configure health check for the Load Balancer
      • Adding multiple instances for the Load Balancer
      • Cross Zone Load Balancing
      • Connection Draining
      • Auto Scaling
      • What is Auto Scaling
      • Auto Scaling components
      • Creation of Launch Configuration
      • Configuration of Autoscaling policies based on the Load on EC2 Instance
      • Advantages of Auto Scaling with Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

      Simple Storage Service (S3) & IAM

      • Simple Storage Service (S3)
      • Creating and deleting buckets
      • Adding objects into buckets
      • Getting objects and deleting objects
      • Creation of Static website using S3 Storage
      • Working with permissions of S3
      • Life-cycles in S3
      • Identity and Access Management
      • Creation of User accounts in AWS
      • Setting up Multifactor Authentication
      • Roles in IAM
      • Groups in IAM
      • Delegation of permission for users
      • Creation of custom polices for delegation

      Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) & RDS

      • Creating a New VPC
      • Subnets & Route Tables ACL & Security Groups
      • Creation of Internet Gateway
      • Connecting to instances in the gateway
      • VPN & Direct Connect
      • Rational Database Service (RDS)
      • Discussion on types of Databases available in AWS
      • Creating Database Engine
      • Configuring Database Engine
      • Setting up automatic backup’s
      • Cloud Watch
      • Monitoring the AWS Service Health Dashboard
      • Debugging Cloud related issues
      • Getting Statistics for specific EC2 Instance
      • Metrics for other AWS services and related namespaces
      • Setting up notifications

      Simple Notification Services (SNS) & Elastic Beanstalk

      • Simple Notification Services (SNS)
      • Creation of a topic
      • Subscribing to topic via Email
      • Setting notification for EC2 instance changes
      • Elastic Beanstalk
      • Creation of Web-App using Elastic Beanstalk
      • Building a sample application using Beanstalk
      • Modifying the properties of the deployment

      Route53 & Lambda Service

      • Route53
      • What is DNS and Route53
      • Understanding DNS
      • What are different Route53 policies
      • Cloud Formation
      • Building AWS infrastructure as a code
      • Utilization of sample templates
      • EFS (Elastic File System)
      • Creating Elastic File System
      • AWS Lambda Service
      • Building Lambda functions
      • Code Commit
      • Creating Repositories
      • Code Deploy
      • Creating Applications
      • Code Pipeline
      • Creating Pipelines
      • Cloud9
      • Creating Environments

      Ansible & Docker

      • Ansible for configuration management
      • Installation and Configuration of Ansible
      • Ansible Documentation
      • Running Ansible commands
      • Playbook structure with YAML
      • Running Adhoc Commands
      • Manage variables
        Manage task control, handlers, and tags in Ansible playbooks
      • Implement Roles Create and manage roles
      • Configure complex playbooks
      • Docker Containers:
      • Introduction Architecture
      • Installation
      • Docker Hub
      • Custom images
      • Docker Networking
      • Docker Compose

      What are the job roles associated with the AWS Career?

      The highest-paid career is now AWS, and an individual who has immense knowledge on AWS has to drive technical discussions and explain the best approaches to implement, develop and maintain the AWS service based on emerging solutions and technology. There are job roles which includes

      • AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate
      • AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional
      • AWS Certified Developer-Associate
      • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional
      • AWS SysOps Administrator
      • Cloud Developer

      job roles associated with the AWS Career

      Job Roles associated with the AWS Career

      AWS Course Training FAQ's

      What are the prerequisites required for the AWS Course Training?

      There are no prerequisites required for learning the AWS course. It will be an added advantage if the individual knows basic concepts such as cloud computing, general cloud working concepts, databases, multi-tier architecture

      Who will teach the AWS Course Training?

      Our trainers hail from the top companies, and they are highly qualified and experienced with extensive knowledge and experience in the AWS-based cloud industry.

      Is there any demo conducted in prior?

      Yes. You can attend the free demo online where we explain the concepts, the curriculum taught, and clarify all the doubts. For the demo details, call us: +91-8008891188 or mail at

      Will there be any backup classes provided if I miss the AWS Training course?

      Yes, there will be backup classes. There will be complete lifetime access to the LMS if you miss any crucial concepts during the AWS training.

      Can I work on any real-time projects?

      As a part of the AWS training, our students would get a chance to work on real-time projects and solve the complexities in AWS.

      What is the certification provided after the training?

      Once, after completing the AWS Course Training in Hyderabad, individuals will be provided with the certification from Globally Recognized Organization based on the course’s level.

      Will I get any placement assistance after completing the course?

      We will provide complete guidance such as mock-up interviews, finding the right jobs after completing the AWS Course Training in Hyderabad.

      What are the job roles I can apply for after the course?

      You can apply for the highly paid roles as analyst roles, Cloud Engineer/Architect, System Integrator, System Administrator, DevOps Engineer/Architect

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