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Data Science Training Course in Hyderabad

Data rules the world and the amount of data being disposed of today is beyond our imagination. This eruption in the modern world creates several challenges every day, affecting businesses and enterprises in different ways. This is where companies rely on Data Science for managing, analyzing the accurate data, and using it appropriately.

Apart from finding the data, analyzing it, and using it accurately according to the business, it is the greatest challenge every organization is experiencing right now. Companies need the right talents for solving complex problems, analyzing the correct data, and managing it on various platforms.

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    What is the scope of a data scientist in India?

    Data Science is the most trending job right now, and the average salary of a Data Scientist would be Rs. 708,012/- in India. Today Data Science is being used across all the platforms as healthcare, finance, education, banking, and retail. Data eruption never stops, and businesses need the people with the ability to interpret the data to extract insights and help them in decision making, making a better product, managing business efficiently, effective marketing, forecasting and analyzing the business process, and creating compelling strategies and leveraging the company.

    With each passing year, this evolution of data continues to increase into massive piles, and it is not possible with the traditional methods to derive the data, analyze it, and make decisions out of it. Businesses demand a more advanced skill set for processing and analyzing it. This is where data science helps to make this process easier.

    Why Technology for All for Data Science Course Training?

    We are incepted on the mission of bringing technology to life. To make everyone access the technology, make use of it, and achieve the dream jobs.

    This course provides full-fledged knowledge about data science, and with real-time projects, an individual will encounter the challenges faced in the real world. Through case studies, individuals will learn the roles and responsibilities of a data scientist such as data mining, data wrangling, data exploration, Big data processing, data visualization, and more. 

    Our Data Science course in Hyderabad will also help in seeking the highest paid job as we assist individuals for career advancement and transformation. We carefully curate the course curriculum to ensure that the individual is taught the advanced concepts of data science. This helps them in solving any challenge that occurs. Along with that, we also make students work on real case studies and use-cases derived.

    Who can learn this Data Science Training Course?

    This Data Science Course Training in Hyderabad in the best suitable for

    • The data science career enthusiasts who wish to advance their knowledge.
    • Ideal for graduates who want to begin their career.
    • Any working professional who wants to transform the career.
    • Ideal for Managers, Business analysts, Database Administrators, Networking Operators, IT Developers & Software Professionals.

    This course covers the entire concepts where both job seekers & working professionals can shift their careers and excel in the existing technologies. Right from the basic concepts such as Python, R to advanced concepts such as Machine Learning, AI, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Text Analytics, and Text Analytics are covered in this course.

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      Data Science Training Curriculum

      Intro to Data science & Basic Statistics

      • Introduction to data science
      • Data Types and Data Structures
      • Introduction to Data
      • Descriptive Statistics

      Core & Advanced Python


      2. Data Types and Data Structures

      3. Control Flow and Conditional Statements

      4. Functions

      5. File Handling

      Data Analysis in python

      6. Numpy

      7. Pandas

      ✔ Series
      ✔ DataFrames
      ✔ Indexing and slicing
      ✔ Groupby
      ✔ Concatenating and Merging Joining
      ✔ Missing Values
      ✔ Operations
      ✔ Data Input and Output
      ✔ Pivot
      ✔ Cross tab

      Data Visualization

      8. Data Visualization

      ✔ Introduction to Matplotlib
      ✔ Line plots
      ✔ Histograms
      ✔ Box and Violin Plots
      ✔ Scatterplot
      ✔ Heatmaps
      ✔ Subplots
      ✔ More Visualization with Seaborn

      9. Case Study on Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Visualizations

      Unstructured Data Processing

      10. Regular Expressions

      ✔ Structured Data and Unstructured Data
      ✔ Literals and Meta Characters
      ✔ How to Regular Expressions using Pandas?
      ✔ Inbuilt Methods
      ✔ Pattern Matching


      Advanced Statistics - Probability & Inferential statistics

      1. Probability Distribution

      2. Inferential Statistics

      3. SQL

        • SQL for Data Science
        • SQL Joins
        • Filtering and Sorting
        • SQL Aggregations
        • Subqueries and Temp Tables
        • SQL Data Cleaning

      Machine Learning - Supervised Learning

      • Linear Regression
      • Multiple Linear Regression
      • Stepwise Regression
      • Polynomial Regression
      • Time Series (Forecasting)
      • Regularization Techniques
        • Case Study on Linear, Multiple Linear Regression, Polynomial, Regression using Python.
      • Logistic regression
      • Naive Bayes
      • Decision Trees
      • Random Forest
      • Boosting
      • K Nearest Neighbors
      • Support Vector Machines

      Machine Learning - Unsupervised Learning

      • Why Unsupervised Learning
      • Principal Components Analysis
      • K-Means Clustering
      • Hierarchical Clustering
      • Association Rules
      • Apriori

      CAPSTONE PROJECT: A project on a use case will challenge the Data Understanding, EDA, Data Processing and Unsupervised algorithms.

      Natural Language Processing (NLP)

        • What is Text Mining?
        • Libraries
          • NLTK
        • Structured and Unstructured Data
          • Extracting Unstructured text from files and websites

        2. Text Preprocessing

        • Regular Expressions for Pattern Matching
        • Text Normalization
        • Text Tokenization
          • Sentence Tokenization
          • Word Tokenization
        • Text Segmentation
          • Stemming
          • Lemmatization

        3. Natural Language Understanding (NLP Statistical)

        • Automatic Tagging
        • N-grams Tagging
        • Transformation based Tagging
        • Bag of Words
        • POS Tagging
        • TF – IDF
        • Cosine Similarity
        • Thinking about the math behind text; Properties of words; Vector Space Model
        • Named Entity Recognition
        • Relation Extraction

        4. Text Classification

        Case Studies:

        • Text Mining
        • Sentiment Analysis

      CAPSTONE PROJECT: A project on a use case will challenge the NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESS Based Sentiment Analysis.

      Deep Learning

      • Introduction to Neural Networks
      • Deep Frameworks
      • Artificial Neural Network with Tensorflow
      • Convolution Neural Networks
      • Building Convolution Neural Network in Python
      • Keras (Backend Tensorflow)
      • Natural Processing Language (Sequential Process)

      Face Recognition: This project gives details of the person and can recognize the gender and names.

      What are the job roles associated with the Data Science Career?

      As data science is all about mining the data in this tech world, data scientists play a crucial role in extracting the information and processing it further. There are job roles as

      • Machine learning Engineer
      • Business Intelligence Analyst
      • Data Warehouse Architect
      • Business Analyst
      • Statistician
      • Systems Analyst
      What are the job roles associated with the Data Science Career
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      Data Science Course FAQ's

      Will I get any placement assistance after completing the course?

      We will provide complete guidance such as mock-up interviews, finding the right jobs after completing the course

      Will there be any backup classes provided if I miss the course?

      Yes, there will be backup classes. There will be complete lifetime access to the LMS if you miss any crucial concepts during the training.

      What is the certification provided after the training?

      Once, after completing the Data Science Course Training in Hyderabad, individuals will be provided with the certification from IBM based on the course’s level.

      Can I work on any real-time projects?

      As a part of the training, our students would get a chance to work on real-time projects and business use cases that help them to build the challenges and solve the complexities in Data Science.

      What are the job roles I can apply for after the course?

      You can apply for the highly paid roles as analyst roles, Data Engineer/ Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data Engineer.

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