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DevOps Training Course in Hyderabad

DevOps is the combination of Development and Operations – philosophies, practices, and tools that help to increase the organizational ability to deliver applications accurately, faster, and speed up the development process and compete more effectively in the market.

The strategies in DevOps mainly focus on the structure, process and deployment lifecycle. This DevOps Training in Hyderabad helps mostly an individual to gain knowledge on the core DevOps concept, core applications & underlying strategies.

What is the scope of DevOps in India?

DevOps is recognized as the practice that eases the communication between developers and deployment teams. It computerizes the process of infrastructure and software delivery changes as the building, testing, and releasing software will happen most securely. This also helps developers and operations teams work accurately, timely, and effortlessly as this increases customer satisfaction and decreases the production lifecycle.

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    DevOps strategies will also be helping them towards achieving benefits like continuous software delivery, decrease the production lifecycle, faster delivery of products to market & improved customer satisfaction. Companies are deploying DevOps in their workforce and looking for people who build strategies, collaborate, and deliver with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation.

    Why should you learn DevOps Course Training at Technology for All?

    DevOps Course Training at Technology for All

    Why should you learn DevOps Course

    This DevOps Training in Hyderabad will help individuals to learn all the basic to advanced concepts of DevOps to handle real-world challenges. Our advanced concepts will enable students to learn the concepts as Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, and Nagios. We do provide practical training in the DevOps training course along with theoretical training.

    Here an individual can learn all the concepts and so they can achieve those dream jobs in the current industry. They learn the various theories as

    • Implementation of virtualization concepts
    • Monitoring and logging concepts
    • Skills in DevOps cloud environment in Amazon AWS
    • Knowledge of Automated installations and deployment
    • Need for DevOps and challenges involved and resolving them
    • Experience on Infrastructure Servers, Scalability and also Availability

    Once after completing the course, an individual gets certification and experience to handle various DevOps concepts such as Testing Configuration Management, Integration, and monitoring of the complete SDLC.

    Who can learn this DevOps Training Course?

    DevOps Training In Hyderabad is best suited for beginning the career and getting success as a DevOps engineer. This is the latest trend that every IT company is embracing on a large scale. This is ideal for

    • IT professional who wants to work with the DevOps tool.
    • Developers who are currently working and interested in System administration and configuration
    • System Administrators and Project Managers
    • Operating Engineers and Cloud Gurus
    • Decision Makers and Business Intelligence Professionals

    This DevOps course training at Hyderabad is best for both fresher, junior-mid – senior developers and working professionals. Our course is available as per the individual’s flexibility.

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      DevOps Course Curriculum

      Introduction to DevOps

      • What is DevOps
      • Why DevOps
      • What is SDLC
      • DevOps Automation

      Linux Essentials

      • Linux Essentials
      • Virtualization

      DevOps Tools

      • GIT
      • Maven
      • Jenkins
      • Managing Jenkins
      • Creating Application Builds


      • Plugin Architecture
      • Extension Points
      • Finding and Managing Plugins
      • Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline
      • Master and slave configuration


      • Introduction to Chef
      • Setting up the Environment
      • Chef Server
      • Resources
      • Recipes and Cookbooks
      • Building Web & Application server Cookbook
      • Attributes
      • Data-Bags
      • Roles
      • Environments
      • Chef Supermarket


      • Introduction
      • Setting up Vagrant
      • Using Vagrant
      • Automated Provisioning
      • Networking


      • Introduction
      • Architecture and Process Flow
      • Setup and Configuration
      • Ansible Inventory and Configuration
      • Ansible Playbooks
      • Ansible Modules
      • Create and use templates to create customized configuration files
      • Working with Ansible facts and variables.
      • Roles


      • Docker
      • Installing Docker on LinuxWorking with Containers
      • Kubernetes
      • Monitoring:
        • Nagios

      What are the job roles associated with the DevOps Training Course?

      Job Roles Associated with the DevOps Course

      There are many job roles associated with the DevOps. Some of them are

      • Automation Architect
      • QA Engineers and Testers
      • Software Developer
      • DevOps Evangelist
      • Release Manager
      • Security and Compliance Engineers
      • Utility Player
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      DevOps Course FAQ's

      What are the prerequisites required for the DevOps Course Training?

      You need not require prerequisites to learn this DevOps course. DevOps mainly revolves around the Development, Operations, and administration. So it would be an added advantage that the individuals have the basic knowledge of operations, how development cycles work, so this helps them learn and understand the complete concepts of DevOps Training in Hyderabad.

      Will there be any backup classes provided if I miss the course?

      Yes, there will be backup classes. There will be complete lifetime access to the LMS if you miss any crucial concepts during the DevOps Course Training.

      Can I work on any real-time projects?

      As a part of the training, our students would get a chance to work on real-time projects and business use cases that help them to build the strategies and increase the ROI.

      What is the certification provided after the training?

      Once, after completing the DevOps Course Training in Hyderabad, individuals will be provided with the certification, which helps in getting in the top-notch companies.

      Will I get any placement assistance after completing the course?

      We will provide complete guidance such as mock-up interviews, finding the right jobs after completing the course.

      What are the job roles I can apply for after the DevOps Training Course?

      You can apply for highly paid roles like DevOps engineer, Architect, security engineers, testers, experience assurance experts, etc.

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